BCTF’s sanctuary schools policy

Migrants throughout Canada are living without status. “It could be that they came on a temporary work visa, or they actually ran away or crossed the border because where they were they feared violence,” says Natalie Wai, a Vancouver teacher and member of the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) in a phone call withRankandFile.ca. “In one instance, a Mexican family, they were threatened with violence, so the mom took their son and daughter across the United States and came to Canada. They don’t have a work or student visa. They have nothing, but they came in order to escape violence. They could have an expired work or student visa and they don’t want to go back so they stay, and they try to be eligible to try to find work.”

They’re also trying to access basic services – from health care, food banks, libraries, public transportation, and education – but the fear of being identified as residing without status keeps many from doing so.

Even children who were born here and therefore are automatically permanent residents are affected by federal immigration laws. If the parents are undocumented, many fear they’ll have to prove their immigration status in order to enroll their kids.

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